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A Perfect HRMS Will Modernize and Improve the Quality of Your Human Resource Management


Our company came into existence intending to overcome the frustrations and issues caused by the antiquated clunky interfaces that were offered as HR software. These HR software caused only pain and required hard efforts of the HR manager and the organization as well to apply it and keep it updated. It was more like a slap on the HR operation and employee community. We realized the need for an innovation that would change the world of HR. Our years of toil and expertize helped us present the new age HR software namely "HRtics”.

HRtics is an HR software that is specifically meant to meet the present-day requirements of HR professionals. It helps in understanding the problems of HR in managing and nurturing talent and thereby brought in various features and tools to support the process. Now it is easier to gather data of candidates who applied for the job and pick out the most relevant out of them. This way the most deserving candidate and the best talent from the industry can be hired. The selected candidates can be sent on probation and there activities and performance outcomes can be recorded and update to decide his future in the organization. It also helps in identifying the employees for training programs, keeping track of attendance of employees, records about target accomplishment and all other vital information required for the future decision-making process.

This way, HRtics is a world-class HR software that is backed with the latest technology inputs and expertise of highly professional and experienced experts which makes it a highly useful and compulsory requirement for the present-day organizations.

What Drives Us

Our HRMS Software is designed and developed in such a manner that it can provide organizations with improved efficiency and high-end productivity. Our HRMS solution is completely secured and has safety mechanisms that would prevent information ravage. Our powerful, new age enterprise HRMS platform is built with a clear focus on intuitiveness and scalability that would assist you to have clear and crystal administration maintenance. In addition to this, we also tend to deliver customizable HR Modules that would ultimately meet the business needs and demands in terms of interaction.

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Our team consists of qualified and experienced IT professionals. We started small, providing the essential ‘Business Intelligence Tools’ for the electronic retail industry. Our ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) has received global approbation. It is the peerless quality of our products and the staunch customer support we provide that has earned us the loyal endorsement of our clientele. Our vision and mission were to become a globally renowned provider of IT related products and services, and within a short span, we have achieved this. Dedicated professionalism, keen observance in maintaining the quality of products, and committed customer service are the traits that have earned us this status.

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